Below are some of our favourite video clips from weddings and events we've played in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. All of our videos are uploaded live with no overdubs, so you're hearing how the band actually sounded on the night; we're a live band so our videos are live. 

Drygate Brewery (wedding)

1999 (Prince)

Watch for: an electric performance from Nick out front - cueing the band, going into the crowd, and dancing his ass off! 

Old Fruitmarket (Wedding, 2017)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A stone cold Stevie Wonder classic.

conga line/I Want You Back (finale)

At the insistence of the boisterous crowd at the Old Fruitmarket, we played one more tune - I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 - and a conga line broke out in the audience which three Blinding Lights horn players promptly joined! 

Cool (The time)

Watch for: Nick's awesome gold blazer; his swagger during this one throughout; that funk guitar coming in crisp as f**k! 

Menzies village hall, Fintry

funk jam (Bad - Michael jackson)

During our finale at this epic wedding in Menzies village hall in Fintry (of our lovely pals Zoe and Sam!), our customary see-what-happens jam of 1999 by Prince morphed into this slab of outrageous funk, taking in some of Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Scottish EVENTS AWARDS (Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow)

highlights (stevie wonder, beyonce, daft punk, jackson 5, etc)

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