One outrageously funky party.


Funk/Soul House Party 

We’re looking for venues to partner with us on a series of high-end entertainment events for corporate functions, seasonal party nights and beyond. From autumn 2018, we'll be doing events across Scotland under the Funk/Soul House Party banner, at awesome venues who can accommodate big numbers and produce awesome food to accompany our show. 

What you get: 

Memorable and differential high-end live entertainment for the evening - a live 8-piece funk/soul band + DJ set. Plus, some awesome photo and video assets, optimised for social media and for print, to promote the events.

What it costs: 

Price starts at £1995 per show. 

Is that price negotiable? 

We can scale down band line-up for smaller venues etc. - and for venues with in-house sound including an engineer, we can instantly reduce the price by £200. So - yes, there’s room for negotiation.


Watch the band live: