who we are:

Photographer: Euan Robertson


Nice to meet you! We're Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights. That's Nick above, rocking a gold blazer. That's pretty standard.

Here's a little bit about us: we're a fixed line-up six-piece showband, based in Glasgow - though we have options for the band that go up to a nine-piece. We approach all of our gigs as genuine live shows - energy, crowd participation, dancing, spontaneous breakdowns, singalongs, jams. Genuinely, no two shows are the same - we go in with a bit of a plan but we're always on our toes and we're at our best when we're feeding directly off the crowd. 

We love to play upbeat dancefloor hits with plenty of groove and soul, and that informs the vast majority of our set choices. We love stuff with squelchy bass and funky synths; we do loads of modern stuff with a funky sound (Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Beyonce); we love Stevie Wonder, we love Michael Jackson, and we love the hell out of Prince; we play plenty of awesome disco - not the cheesy shit, the good stuff (Earth, Wind and Fire, Chic); we came of age in the early 2000s and we love to play the best party stuff from that era (Ignition, No Diggity, Justin!); we play plenty of Motown and Atlantic Soul stuff (Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Aretha, Otis).