Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights

Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights is a high-end Scottish showband playing funk/soul covers at weddings and functions, with a range of line-ups starting with our six-piece. Think big vocal harmonies, an awesome horn section, and eccentric mash-ups. We specialise in absolutely nailing party nights and wedding gigs, and in playing a highly bombastic and arguably too-long version of Purple Rain. 

All of our videos are uploaded live with no overdubs; the way the band actually sounded on the night. We're a live band so our videos are live. 

Drygate Brewery (wedding)

1999 (Prince)

Watch for: an electric performance from Nick out front - cueing the band, going into the crowd, and dancing his ass off! 

dancing in the dark (bruce Springsteen)

A two-piece line-up - Nick and Rob - playing a stripped back Dancing in the Dark at a wedding ceremony at Drygate Brewery in Glasgow. Look for Nick and the flower girl Ailsa getting into a twirl-off!

Old Fruitmarket (Wedding, 2017)

conga line (finale)

At the insistence of the boisterous crowd at the Old Fruitmarket, we played one more tune - I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 - and a conga line broke out in the audience which three Blinding Lights horn players promptly joined! 

Cool (The time)

Watch for: Nick's awesome gold blazer; his swagger during this one throughout; that funk guitar coming in crisp as f**k! 

Scottish EVENTS AWARDS (Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow)

highlights (stevie wonder, beyonce, daft punk, jackson 5, etc)

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